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Weird, Weird bug. I can't leave Pegarus!

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I bought KOTOR II (XBOX) a while ago but never had the time to play it. I played it this afternoon but faced one of the weirdest bugs on a console ever.


I have finished the whole Pegarus levl and got in the ship, shot the sith troopers with the canon and finished the last ones that got in the ship.


I have saved the game just before entering the ship but no matter how many times I tried, I just can't go to the next level:


- If I manage to kill all the siths with the canon, I get a short cinematic with the pilot saying something like "let"s get out of here". Then I get back to the canon and nothing happens at all. I can shoot the scenery as much as I want, nothing happens at all.


- If some sith get in the ship, I can fight them and when they are all dead, I have a loading screen and then, a black screen with some sound. I can hear the canon shooting sound when I press the buttons.


I started looking at some walkthroughs online and realised that many things didn't happen on the way to the ship, like the "walk into space" part, killing the crazy HK and having Kriera and the other guy meet.


Is it possible that the game's script is faulty and I have been able to access the ship before accomplishing some other things I should have done?


I had an earlier save so I started again after the T3 gets blown and soon afterwards had a weird bug where my character was floating in the scenery :)


KOTOR took me over 40 hours to finish. I was looking forwards to playing KOTOR II but if the game is that buggy it is not worth it. Has there been different pressings of the XBOX version? If I got one of the first pressings and a newer one with fixes has been subsequently released I would be interested to know.



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Moving to Kotor 2 General Forums. Bug related threads go there.

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Well that sure is buggy. Start a new game. I mean, K2 is buggy, but that is incredible!

How can it be a no ob build. It has PROVEN effective. I dare you to show your builds and I will tear you apart in an arugment about how these builds will won them.

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I think you've just experianced something out of the ordinary! I highly doubt you've bought a particular buggy game.. as previously stated - restart and try again! now that may suck, but take comfort at the fact that it didn't happen much later in the game!

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