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Preorder vs First week purchase


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I never impulse buy (in a store), I plan my purchases to avoid buying CRAP.


Maybe impulse is the wrong word. I don't go in and just pick up anything off the shelf because it looks cool, however I don't really plan most of my purchases either. I will walk in and if there is something that that I know that I will like (from having played earlier games in a series/based on opinions of those I trust) I will then pick it up. :)


When I say I impulse buy I mean I hadn't planned to buy it at that time (or perhaps at all really), that I was in the store at the time and had the money. I've never bought something I've never heard of before. Unless it was dirt cheap. :)


As for pre-orders, I don't bother. I do buy collectors/limited editions, though. They usually aren't much more that the regular versions here. They are usually on DVD compared to the regular CD edition, though I suppose that is changing more nowadays. There has certainly never been anything in a special edition that I was particularly interested in.

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