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Blaster Jedi

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I found two options that do well:


1. LS consular/watchman or DS consular/assassin. Start with highish dex and wisdom, str at 8, and the other stats anywhere you want. Focus on increasing wisdom as high as possible. The strategy is to immobilize opponents and then cut them down with sneak attack damage. The high wisdom is needed to make your powers stick. The LS version gets more feats, but the DS version gets a higher sneak attack damage.


2. DS guardian maurauder, all dex and con. Raise dex after character creation. This operates on the fact that the DS mastery bonus gives +2d8 damage to every shot, and the Maurauder increased combat damage feats add to blaster damage. This does NOT work for LS characters. You can also get more damage from weapon specialization blaster.



Build 1 has higher potential damage, and is also a very strong force user. Build 2 does more consistent damage, more of a mchine gun type build.


For either build, get the force deflection power early on, and at least the first level of the close combat feat. (you must select it before you gain your prestige class). After that, max out the precise shot tree of feats. The only active combat feat worth getiing is master rapid shot. Powerblast and sniper shot are worthless, since they don't work with master speed. Obviosuly, you need master TWF.


Always upgrade your guns. Look for the highest damage upgrades, followed by keen properties. Disintegrators are the favored weapons since they do physical damage that cuts through shields.

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