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Telos stranding

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So I'm on Telos after my discussion with Atris, and she has let me leave Telos, so I go to the prison cells and see an unconscious Bao-Dur, but the other party members are not there!


They're back at the entrance, and when I try and speak to Kreia, nothing happens. When I try and speak to Atton, there are two choices:

[Cheat Node]: Jump to the PC Conversation with Atris

[Cheat Node]: Continue with Kreia Conversation.


And if I do the first, it just restarts the Atris conversation. Meanwhile, clicking the second does nothing.


I can't get out of the Turbolift or access the Ebon Hawk without my companions, so I'm assuming they all need to be in prison and conversable.



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Well, the odd thing is that this error happened AFTER I installed the Override file. :S


The other Override files don't fix the errors they're supposed to, either. So much for that. :)


But thanks for your help--I chose a different conversation option to get the effect required, though that did involve having to redo much of Telos.


I wonder, does re-installation remove saved games?

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