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Light Side Enlightenment

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But doesn't it also push darker members more towards the darkside?

I'd go with 2d3, 3d6, 1/2d7, 1d10, 14d12, 8d20, 13 quarters, and a groundhog.


I'm not sure if you'll need all that, but if you figured out a system from it, it would be the greatest in the world.

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Kind of. It pushes them more in whatever direction your influence propels them. Example: LSF exile, lots of influence with Bao-dur and G0-T0, very little influence with Disciple and Mandalore (this is completely made up).


Bao-dur and G0-T0 will be pushed far toward the sparkly light due to your high alignment with them. While Bao-dur may go further to the lightside than G0-T0 because he started as further lightside, they will both go lightside because you are lightside and have lots of influence with them.


Disciple and Mandalore will both go far to the darkside, even though Disciple starts as lightside, because they both have low influence with your lightside character.


The feat just amplifies the normal effects of the influence system. For instance, you can use it to easily get your party members to light-side/darkside mastery, even though that's usually pretty much impossible.

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