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G0-t0 vs T3-m4

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Yes ,he doesn't therefore he's droidist ,not a word....but racist ,ageist ,and humanist are.


Indeed. the "ism" suffix is commonly used in words that describe certain prejudices and forms of discrimination. I don't believe however that "humanism" is contextually incolved in this reckoning as it isn't a derogatory term.


That is why I didn't say Droidism as it would sound like some odd religion based on emotional detachment ,worshiping some divine machine ,and meditation by plugging oneself into a power-socket....a rather short lived religion. Something Atton most likely wouldn't do.

A racist is a person who has an irrational hatred and as a result of such ignorance partakes in the discrimination of cats ,dogs ,birds and such other species. It couldn't mean of other human races ,there is only the Human Race. Do we say the races of Ostrich and ,Penguin ,Manx and ,Abyssinian ,Doberman and ,Poodle? Of course not that would be stupid...... Obviously a Humanist is an alien who doesn't like humans. There is no mention of Michelangelo in the star wars universe! So that is why I said Droidist.


Sentient Droids: "Aid of it's friends" only matters if it goes against its programing or self preservation protocol (what other protocols factor in this I do knot know) because if its friend is its master then it does not really count.

The Twylek in K1 made T3M4 to be good ,but as you said the influence system does make it seem T3 has developed its own sense of self. The Assassin Droid in K1 that broke from its programing could be sentient. It was the creator that put the bug there to begin with ,however it was the Droid that made the choice. I don't know if G0T0 could be counted as one ,did he truly break from his programing?


Apologies, I meant to use the suffix of "ist", I must have accidentally changed it in my head whilst typing. I'm not sure I understand what you're implying here. Of course being racist refers to being discriminative towards humans, the word "race" relating to humans of different countries. It would make even less sense for racist to pertain to the hatred of animals, as no one has ever referred to an animal (other than a human) as belonging to a race. They are separate species not races, the word race has no precedence nor relevance when speaking of animals. The fact that the human population as a whole has been coined "the human race" as well as human's from different countries being called this, is irrelevent. The term humanist is one that already exists today, and is a term that is not used derogatorily. It does not refer to an alien who dislikes humans, even though that is your "logical" interpretation. Perhaps there is some alien species out there that uses this term, but I find it somewhat unlikely that if there are sentient aliens out there, they would use similar grammer and speech patterns as we do in english.


Regarding your other point, I was speaking of R2 imparticular. One example: "Artoo tried unsuccessfully to inform C-3PO of Anakin's involvement in the siege of the Jedi Temple". Anakin was technically R2-D2s master here, and what R2 was doing could have detrimentally affected Anakin as much as it could have helped him. More so, in fact.

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