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It's perfectly possible to be strong as an ox and still slow as hell (check out the guys on World's Strongest Man competitions), strong as hell and fast as hell (check out Linford Christie, for example, who could bench 300+ pounds and was still one of the world's fastest men) or fast as hell and weak as a hell (check out the football players playing in germany right now, especially those that weigh under 140 lbs..).

Yes, you are right that high muscle mass decreases agility, but you can't be agile and not fit, it still requires basic strength. Those under-140lbs football players aren't weak as hell. :(


I was thinking of agility in terms of techniques for doing stuff, like climbing stuff (determines what you can climb).. martial arts (what kind of moves you're able to perform).. assembling a weapon.

On a side note, some game (I can't recall the name now) actually separates dexterity and agility. "Agility" includes "martial arts" kind of agility, and dexterity is more hand-eye coordination (i.e. juggling).


Speed would be running speed, the velocity of your hands when you punch stuff, the amount of time it would take you to ascend that wall in the agility example.

In that case, it still requires basic strength (esp. climbing).

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and random tidbit, Ive never understood why D&D uses traits that go from 1-18+ but never ever uses anything but the modifiers? Wouldnt it be easier to just have a strength of 4 rather than 18(+4) ?

Because that would cause the AD&D advocates' heads to explode. Practicality cedes to tradition here: stats have been a 3d6 since the dawn of Gygax. Also, a mix of positive and negative stats looks weird.

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