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Atlus USA re: reviews post-mortem


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Having recently published Steamboy Chronicles (PS2, and thus to be also backwards-compatible with the soon-to-be greatest computer entertainment system ever made), Atlus comments on some reviews http://www.next-gen.biz/index.php?option=c...d=3216&Itemid=2


The first page is standard enough, but skip to page 2 and http://www.next-gen.biz/index.php?option=c...=1&limitstart=1


Besides, the complaints about Steambot's engine are much less about the specific technology--as if the average game critic understands anything about programming--and much more about reviewers' unfortunate and everlasting obsession with pretty pixels.


Here's a typical quote from the "GRRLGAMER" review of Steambot: "... now that the Xbox 360 is pumping out next-generation graphics and the Playstation [sic] 3 is soon to follow suit, these kinds of flaws [in Steambot's engine] are that much more apparent and that much more distracting." So, Steambot's graphics are poor because it doesn't look like an Xbox 360 game? That's a ludicrous comparison--but it's guaranteed that a few other reviewers are thinking the same thing, even if they're not admitting it in print.


The first half-hour or so is pretty laid-back, but once you get into the first city, the story unfolds as quickly as you want it to. The "problem" is that Steambot's storytelling is driven by the player's interactions with other characters, which is great if you're a gamer, but not so much if you're a reviewer on a tight deadline and just want the plot points spoon-fed to you.


On a related note, we knew that Steambot's sincere 'tude would clash with G4's snarky 'tude, but we sent them a reviewable copy against our better judgment. A few of our titles are great fits for G4, but not Steambot, so we'll be more selective with what we send them in the future. (That's a big downer: We lust for the exposure of mainstream outlets, but can't always trust those outlets to give fair and accurate coverage to our hardcore titles.)


<3 PR :-


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Steambot Chronicles is a wonderful sandbox type game. It has amazing gameplay and a lot of freedom (think anime version of GTA:SA). It did extremely well in Japan but was ripped to shreads by reviewers over here for the majority based on graphics and technical aspects.

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