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Sins of a Solar Empire - Trailer


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Sins of a Solar Empire is a 'RT4X' game, a mix between - I guess, MOO and Homeworld. The game engine basically supports a mega-zoom feature (liken it to SupCom, perhaps) that allows you to expand anywhere from whole star systems and just zoom into individual battles around planetary bodies. So, essentially, eventually happens in one big freaking map. Basically, it's a RTS where combat (full 3d, of course - no 2d plane crap) revolves around planets or other bodies (all with gravity wells taken into account - get close to the planet if you want to start bombarding, but get too close, and it's going to take you a while to escape if you get ambushed), but also features other '4X' elements. o All this happens in real-time, and the game supposedly boasts a rigid AI that eliminates the need for micromanagement, but allows it should the player find the time. You basically may have to manage multiple battles across different star systems all while managing your empire, while the AI helps up with automation - leaving you to micro what you think is most important. In theory, it sounds like it has lots of potential. The scope is a major appeal. The website, of course, has more detail.


The trailer just went up.




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