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Warren Spector Interview


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Dudeface talks about his new game/company (which was previously reported as planned to be released on Steam).


Let's just say this: The key for me is not to preplan every step of the player's experience. Putting players on rails, even if it does result in an emotionally compelling experience, seems like kind of a waste of time. To my mind, if we CAN offer players a choice, if we can let players make a decision, we should always do so. And then we have an obligation to show players the consequences of their choices and decisions. The game should unfold differently depending on how you play, how you solve problems. But, like I said, this is a book-worthy topic, and I better stop there!


(Approved by Fio, so feel free to use it)

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"Thinking about choices, 'Deus Ex' is still the only game that comes to my mind where you can really choose how to do a mission. Why is that? Is it too difficult for a designer to think of more than one solution to a problem? Or is it the players who prefer linear games?


I wish I knew why more people didn't offer players DX-like choice. It certainly is hard to pull off. And as well as DX sold, you could make an argument that players are just as happy with more linear games. Guess I'm going to have to keep plugging away and hope the world follows!"


Whatever. :thumbsup:


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