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Saber build

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Use Weapon master or sith marauder as your prestige class, base class is irrelevant.


Generally 2 sabres (long/short) will give optimal damage output. Dueling is fine but will give less damage. Use Critical strike or power attack, and the imrpoved beam gem lens. For critical strike use the Shien form, for power attack use the Ataru form.


Start either dex or str at 14, and the other at 10. Str builds will do more damage, but dex builds get hit a lot less often.


Raise con to 18 to get the best implants. Remember DS players will get 3 free increases to con, while LS players get 1. After that put all increases in either dex or str.

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Start at Jedi Guardian. Put your strength, dexterity, and consitution very high and ignore the other attributes except for saving throws. Lean towards either the darkside or lightside very heavily. Once lvl 15 talk to Kreia (if you are 70 percent either side or more) and she will let you choose a pretiege class. Go for Weapons Master if you want SLIGHTLY better defense than the Maruader but go for Maruader if you want SUPER DAMAGE. Get all the feats that give you defensive bonuses and offensive bonuses. The two weapon fighting and all the lightsaber focusing stuff is a must. Use a double bladed or two single bladed lightsabers at once. Get all buff powers.

Duh, "Sidious was strongest sith lord in his time" my ass, he was the only sith lord
- Xard
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