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I hate Sony BMG


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Their was a thread about this posted a few days ago, I would have posted this their but the thread made people argue amongst each other causing a ban. Well thanks to Microsoft programing they have created a program that deletes it





I think this is what the poster wanted


Yeah, I tried that, but the registry key was still there. I ended up having to use Sony's tool (which requires an upgrade before one can uninstall) to get rid of it.


Really, the big thing is trying to find the EXEs so that I can make sure that ZenWorks blocks it. We use a lot of multimedia here, so it is a concern.

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I don't worry about music piracy since I installed Cap'n Jimbob's Treble-Cleff gunnery deck on my stereo.


Death to Sony BMG. Yaharr.

"It wasn't lies. It was just... bull****"."

             -Elwood Blues


tarna's dead; processing... complete. Disappointed by Universe. RIP Hades/Sand/etc. Here's hoping your next alt has a harp.

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