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Cannot recover T3-M4 in Peragus.

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I'm crossing over from the Harbinger back into the Peragus fuel line and T3-M4 isn't there. Atton says something like 'Looks like a utility droid... ' and the quest is updated saying I have recovered T3-M4 but he isn't there.


Anyone find a way past this or know of a way I can just force T3-M4 into my party?



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ok because i had a glitch on the telos restoration zone, i couldnt equip baodur in my party because of a mod, so i deleted the files in my override folder and it worked, but im assuming they are just skin mods so nothing to worry about.


im jumping to the conclusion of a glitch, because sometimes NPC's (your party NPC's) dont turn up on certain occasions, although the T3 scenario of yours never happened


try continuing on, if it lets you because i dont think you need T3 untill you reach the hanger.

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does the missing part for the hanger bay door still appear? if so, you might not need him to get in there.


nevermind, this won't work. even if you get off of peragus, you need him on nar shadaa. i have heard this glitch mentioned in other forums, however.



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