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KOTOR Running like crap

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Need more info then just card names. Both cards do have AGP and PCI-Express versions as well as vram from 128m-512m. How ever clock speeds on both are about the same side from 10/500 more in favor of the x800gto (factory OCed card).


AGP is 4x/8x data pipe width while PCI-Express is 16x data pipe width.

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How long has it been since you've done retine maintence on your system?


Clean temp files.

Clear slack space (this is whats happening when Windows defrag says "compacting files")

Clear orphened registry entires (Best to get a registry cleaner for this if you don't)


Got enough voltage from the PSU for the new hardware?


Whats the free hard drive space like?


Disabled the unused Windows serivces (services.msc)?


^^^^^All that if not maintained can slow a system down as if it's running Malware.

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both kotor1/2 get the slow on dantooine even with Disabled Vertex Buffer Object.

these games have the worse support in the world.

they are great games but if performance is this crappy it almost make you get mad at lucasarts not paying enough to support it...

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well, being a limited gamer myself, kotor 1 and 2 requires t & L. so far i think only kotor 1 works half way without T & L on a regular intel Graphics card, but character becomes inresponsive in some areas (pretty random actually). But im hoping that will be fixed once i get my ram upgraded and hopefully get a open gl 1.4 or higher Graphics card with T & L capabilities. but for you, i dont know what the problem is without more details.

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