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Crash cause after first crash

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If Kotor2 crashs once it leaves 3 folders active in c:\program files\lucasarts\swkotor2: "Currentgame", "Gameinprogress", "Temp". These 3 folders are usealy only active when a game is in fact in progress and you have alt-tabbed out. But if the game is not even running and you try to start a game it will confuse the engine causeing graphical flashing leading to a crash or freeze.


So if your game crash's before even thinking about starting a new game, delete these three folders or it will just crash again.




Edit: Might be a file or something that I can't see right off that should also be deleted before starting up the game again to prevent farther crash's cause soloy by a confused engine instead of a real crash.

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Likely have to delete the save that was use to load the game or the one that is of the closet time to the crash. Maybe the whole tree of saves fromt he one used to load the the game.


Simply deleteing the three folders listed doesn't fully help, but does a little. Deleting the saves or starting a new game as well as deleting those folders works.

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