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Stuck in the Jedi Training ground on Telos

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I've run into a wierd glitch in the Jedi Training ground on Telos. After speaking with Atris I cannot get my party members to talk to me or get them back in my party so I can leave on my ship??


When ever I approach Atton or Kreia a dialogue box comes up when I click on Atton that says (cheat node) Then gives you the option to contiue the conversation with Atris or with Kreia. If you pick Atris you have to go through with the whole conversation with her all over again and if you pick Kreia then nothing happens.


Is there any known way to fix this?


HUH?!? :wub:

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Check the stickies

Sorry, ya I just checked the stickies and tried the options that don't involve me uninstalling, but none of them seemed to work. I have my game saved right after I talked with Atris.

Oh good I just realized that my auto save is before I went down into the training ground so I can try the "who are you" first option.



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