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Galactic Conquest


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Galactic Conquest

sci-fi theme Massively Multiplayer Online Game. Inspired by Civilization Series, Call to Power Series, Master of Orion & other strategy games. Goal: to conquer the galaxy


Background Story

The United World Council is the Terran Council that monitors and safeguards the galaxy. In Space Federation - Galactic Conquest, you start off in the year 10,000 AD, 500 years after the collapse of the United World Council.


With no proper single governance, the control and governance of each colony were soon taken over by self-elected leaders on their respective colonies. Peace does not stay for long as ambitious leaders expand their small empires by colonizing new planets as well as invading other weaker colonies.


Several small empires form Space Federations as a means of banding together for the greater good of its Federation members. This is in hopes that a group of smaller empires can improve their standing against a single larger empire.


As always, Human greed and lust for power slowly materializes into an unsatisfying thirst for further expansion and conquest. This is a time of chaos and war where the small empires must fight for their survival.


This marks the start of an era where small empires and Space Federations fight for Galactic Conquest


You start off as the leader of one of the colonies scattered throughout the galaxy. This is where you start writing your own destiny.


click here to play the free game

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