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The Krath Still Alive And Well On Onderon?

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IMHO if the Krath are included in the Onderon/Dxun section of the game they won't be the focus point of the entire story. They will either be crushed by your light side PC or brought back to their former glory by your Dark side PC. This way the Krath could serve as a useful ally to your Dark side PC later on in the game and if you're light side then the people of Onderon who are now free to fight the Sith elsewhere could prove to be an ally to both you and the Republic. As far as Freedon Nadd goes I think resurrecting his spirit would be cool, however resurrecting him fully would be lame indeed. If you resurrect his spirit he can serve a duel role as your Dark side PC's mentor while on Dxun and the shadow ruler of the Krath and the Empress Teta system later in the game. If Freedon Nadd was fully resurrected he would just try and kill you and become the Sith Lord himself. My Onderon/Dxun idea isn't ment to be the focus point of the entire TSL story. I'm sure I am way off but I wouldn't be suprised if we see some Beast Rider Warriors or some mention of the Krath on Onderon and Dxun. Personally I just hope we DS players get to loot Freedon Nadd's lightsaber and other goodies. Somebody above was talking about Freedon Nadd being destroyed by Exar Kun. While this is mostly true Freedon Nadd was able to manifest himself before Ulic Qel Droma right after he was supossedly destroyed and warn him about Exar Kun. Nadd's spirit disapeared after warning Ulic but it was never certain whether or not he was totally destroyed. Anybody know if they will have Sith amulets in the game?




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