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AI & command/action queue

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I've only recently gotten the game and I'm enjoying it massively so far, except that the AI's combat tactics quite bug me. From KotOR 1 I was used to filling the queue, letting combat run for a few rounds, rinse, repeat.

This clearly doesn't work anymore as characters insist on ignoring my commands altogether. The real challenge of a fight seems to be preventing your group members from performing outright stupid actions more than anything else.

Yes, I've tried cancelling combat then re-filling the queue (as I've seen recommended on these forums), to no avail. I've tried the stationary setting which only causes the chars to stand around and do nothing despite a full queue most of the time (unless they're the active char but only one can be active at a time, so...)

All in all, rather frustrating.


Hence my question: are there any means of disabling/bypassing the AI on group members altogether?

Alternatively, are there any settings that work at least semi-decently?

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No, not really. Unless someone's made some kind of AI mod or something, I'm never up to speed on those things.


I find I'm better off just controlling one character and letting the AI do what it wants, pausing only to deal with health or something. If they're giving you a lot of trouble in certain situations by running forward to melee when you don't want them to, put long range guns in their hands (23m or more) and put them on ranged AI for a while. Also, you can do that to prevent them from running off alone when the first hit they recieve is from someone way 'in the back' (the AI goes for the first attacker, not the closest), then pause to switch weapons/AI and tell them to attack someone closer.


I'm kind of a control freak, but in Kotor2 it doesn't matter 99% of the time. If melee is really your thing, once you've given them the top level of a melee skill they'll use it a lot on their own with no prompting. They tend to use their regular attack by default a lot, until then, I assume because the AI considers the lower-feats penalty too high, maybe. Anyway, I've watched Atton & Di beat all the Sith down with no help from me at all, not even pausing, so I let them do what they want. <_<


Just give them max Power and/or Critical Strike, since they won't cast Speed on their own in melee, making Flurry not so spectacular for AI melee.

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