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The weirdest of bugs *KotOR 1*

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I know that this doesn't belong in this forum but anyway, I just encountered the bug of all bugs in KotOR 1. It happened as follows :


I had just arrived at the Star Forge system and got pulled in by the disruptor field. I landed on the planet and got out of the ship, then the Rakatan warriors attacked me. Apparently everything is going as it should but then another group of Rakatan's attacks me and as I go to the Tempel exterior yet another one attacks. That was pretty weird but what happened then stumped me but good. You know that there's a force-field doesn't allow you to enter the temple until you have taken care of all the bussines with the Rakatan's right? Well, I ran towards the place where you usually get ambushed by the Mandalorians and as I arrive there the game stops for a brief period and the next thing I know I'M INSIDE THE TEMPLE.

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