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i'm on citidel station and i'm trying to find the two criminals to collect on the bounty. i went to the czerka offices where they were suppposed to be but they weren't there. i've searched everywhere but i can't find them. it's frustrating because this has happened to me the last couple of times i've played this game and i still can't figure out where they are. can any of you tell me what i'm doing wrong?

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They show up the first time in those offices, near where that lady-leader is who wants to give you work if you're going darkside. When you walk into her 'room' they're there talking, and a brief cutscene happens, they run away/escape. If they aren't there...hmm...I know there were some things that you couldn't do once you'd actually chosen which 'side' to help by accepting their work...don't know if that quest was one of them or not tho, sorry. Edit - I checked - if you've started working for the Ithorians the quest supposedly becomes unsolvable - maybe they don't show up in the offices at all then.


The 2nd half of that quest can be bugged too, but it can be completed anyway via certain dialogue options when you report their escape (on the PC anyway, I don't have xbox).

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