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My first ever KOTOR 2 problem...

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Well, I started playing this game again recently.


So, I went ahead and installed it. Patched it with the bug fix and music patch (didn't bother with the movie one, since it does almost nothing but waste time).


I also added a few things to the override folder to enhance the experience.


Added all of the fix mods from Team-Gizka's homepage including the crazy rebalance mod.


Also added the texpack.2da to enhance performance a bit.


So, now to the actual problem...


Runs great, better then I remember. I still get the standard slow-downs, but that's all right.


The major problem is that after every single cutscene my graphics become glitchy and distorted. I can fix this easily by ALT+TAB'n out. But then I have to reload the graphics because of the performance lost from using ALT+TAB.


Has anyone encountered this problem?

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Yes and this is the fix. Go ahead and save your game and go back to the main menu at the start. Go to graphic settings and change resolutions, then go back to your resolution of choice. That is what fix the glitch for me. Also I did a little experimenting. If your desktop resolution matches the resolution of the game, then it won't happen.


At least that is my experience. It might vary depending on your graphic card. Also I haven't had that problem since I upgraded to 5.12 Catalyst.

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That is mighty high settings.  The resolution doesn't need to be that high.  Personally I can't really tell much of a difference between 800x600 and 1280x1024 in most games.



I have a nice LCD monitor... There is a bit difference in 1024x768 and 1280x1024... Not so much the graphics, but the the image clarity is crystal clear at the higher resolution.


I didn't have this problem before btw, running at the same settings to.


Guess I'm screwed since this game doesn't get any official support. I'm just gonna run it off my big tv. :/

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