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Green and Purple graphics where they shouldn't be


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I have a problem with graphics here. after I installed the game on a new harddrive and started a new game on every door I saw Green and purple graphics where they shouldn't be, making the appearance very unrealistic.

I hereby add a screenshot of what it looks like:




Anyone any idea's how I could solve this?

Master Vandar lives!

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I belive i do :ermm:


Your using an ATI card am i right? I shall quote myself from a ye-olde posting...


go to your "catalyst control center" or whatever tool you use for fiddling with your graphics card settings and chose "Disable catalyst AI" and your texture problems are now instantly fixed.


Hopefully that'll do it. I had this problem forever, played through the game with it several times, very annoying.

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I wish that was the problem. No, I am using a Geforce 4 4200ti Nvidia card. Thanks anyway.


Edit: Ha, I got it. I turned up the refresh rate from 60 to 70. Now that I turned it back to 60 I haven't got any more problems.

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Master Vandar lives!

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