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Kavar Bug

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Ive been doing a playthrough of K2 using KSE, and id been doing fine. I saved Vrook and Zez-Kai Ell, but I sisded with General Vaklu.


Now, Im in the palace. And Ive killed Kavar. But I dont learn a lightsaber form for killing him. And whenever I try to go towards Vaklu nad Talia, i get force pushed and told 'I cant leave the battle at this time'.


Is this because:

1. You can only kill/save ALL the masters

2. KSE can cause probs

3. Something else.


And could i use globals in KSE to fix this-is thewre one that makes it recognise Kavar's dead?

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I know it is possible to kill 2 of the masters and leave one for Dantooine, I did that by killing Vrook and Kavar but leaving Zez to kill on Dantooine. Zez had a few lines to react to being the only master there and then I killed him too. I would assume killing only one master would have a similar effect. I think this KSE has probably messed your game up, or maybe you just got a bug and should load a previous save from before the battle with Kavar.

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All I changed was:

People's appearance

Skills, feats, attributes and classes

Inventory and the like


Maybe one or two finishg annoying quests e.g. Redemption


Nothing to do wiv lightsaber stance or anything.

Maybe it was I was too strong :rolleyes:

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