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Help the merchant on Dantooine and I think he'll have some. Or if you kill him you get some...I think.


Yeah, they are in two places. The liberary on Korriban. You have to create a new student account in the computer near where Meikle was. Access the learning material, kick some assassin ass, and carefuly open the box. The second place is on Dantooine near Koonda. See the Sullestien (the guy with the bug eyes and big ears outside) after you have discovered if hydrospanner in a droid in Koonda after most of the level is done. (you'l figure it out). You can kill him, and loot his body, or be nice to him, hear his woe is me tale, and give him money, and he will give you the charges I think! :wub::wub:o:):)

(Marine Axiom)

Sweat Dries

Blood Clots

Bones Heal


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