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Looks like Blu-Ray wins.


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I'm getting a PS3 for two reasons: HD movies, and Japanese developer support. Most of the games I have for my Playstation and PS2 are from japanese developers, since most of the North American developers I like seem to either only release PC games, or they release them cross platform, so I just get the PC version. I might get both the PS3 and the 360 this gen though, because it looks like the 360 will have much more japanese dev support than the Xbox.

The area between the balls and the butt is a hotbed of terrorist activity.


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Well, Sony has been around the block a few times, and they know that the release of the PS2 launched the DVD boom (remember the price of a DVD player before they released it?), so they are banking on a repeat performance.


I expect M$ will do exactly what they did when they realised this web-thinggie really wasn't a stupid little fantasy in Tim Berners-Lee's warped imagination: try to take the initiative back by buying market share with the aim of dominating the market (i.e. MSN; even wonder why M$ don't have www.ms.com? Tee hee).


They will have to make a huge loss to catch-up, if Sony is executes this right.




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