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Computer engineering

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I am doing a project on computer enginering and I am supposed to interview someone in that field. i would really appreciate it if someone can answer a few of my questions.

- What are some specific jobs in this field?

- What are some of the projects you worked on?

-Do have any assignmrnts that seem to drag on forever or are they usually pretty quick?

- how much of your time is spent on the computer/

- does your job deal mainly with people, data or things?

-Are there any specific tools or equipment required for your job?

-What are the advantages of this occupation?

- are there any disadvatages/

-how about advancement opportunities?

- are employers evenly distributed or are they concentrated in certain areas of the country?

- so do most people work for themselves, private industry, or the government?

-what are the beginning, average and top pay one could expect to earn workin as a compute engineer?

-does where you live make a difference in your salary?

-Is there overtime pay?

-how many hours do you work per week?

-What about vacations?

-is there further education offered where you work?

- do you have to travel?

- what are the retirement benefits?

- in what kind of environment is the work done (indoors/ outdoors)?

-is it possible to work at home if your sick?

-do you work alone or with other people?

-were there any tests or licenses you had to get before you became an engineer?

-What is your most satisfying experinece so far?

-is this what you though you were going to do in high school?

- how about college?

-what degree did you get in college?

-How long have you worked in your profession?


feel free to email your response.

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