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Nar Shadda Red Eclipse & Jedi Fight

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I running KOTOR2 with the 1.0b patch & have encountered a problem when on Nar Shadda... hoping someone can help.


I've done most of the small missions, and am now trying to resolve the Red Eclispe who have taken over the Ebon Hawk. However, whenever I board it & fight them, I meet the leader and chat for a while before killing him. There is then a quick scene of the main character approaching Bao-Dur in his quaters, I stop & then walk to another room on the ship. Waiting for me is the Sith jedi who begins to beat on me with her light sabre.


This is all in cut-scene after the fight with the red eclipse leader - control only returns to me when the fight starts. If I survive past a few rounds, the T2 unit comes in to lend moral support, then I die.


Can I win this fight? should I even be getting this fight?


I can't see what else to do on Nar Shadda as I've yet to meet Mira or Hnnhrr (sp) & so can't access the Jekk Trkk (sp) bars unless I use a breathing mask, and then no other avenues of adventure open up.




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