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Plz identify these music files for me.

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The HQ patches are out, my head is spinning, I can't get the patch because I still have F. in' 56K (those patches are HUGE) and this is a really bad time to ask this.


Just got Republic Commando and while peeking through the music files in that game and I come upon what sounds like music straight from KotOR :lol: . For anyone who owns Republic Commando the files are:


Any thing named "anticipation.ogg"








Also notice that I'll be asking this question at Team Giska's forums and LucasFourms as well, so for those who already answered on one of the threads, don't post the same answer here.


To make it easier to identify, a preview of one of them has been posted, HOWEVER, if this lands me with a sue from the Dev's or from LA, it's comin' off. (as a reason for just the 18 seconds, I'd rather not take a risk of being sued for posting a full song these boards. :ph34r: )



Thanx for taking the time to read this.

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Well, since the Republic Commando demo came with every song from the game; here my (unless they changed the songs between demo and retail) opinion:


These songs are Not stolen from Kotor. Most are not even recognisable.

The only ones I can think of that are recognisable:



Has a bit of Manaan in it...



The first 10 seconds are like Malak's Endbattle, but the rest: no

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