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Enders Vampire game pt.2

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First mini-session

Kaftan's Prologue

Servant of Eru's Prologue

First Full Session

The game will be played via chat, perhaps IRC. irc.psionics.net and #vamprpg


As it stands right now the schedule is to meet on Fridays at 1700 (GMT -6)

For convenience and considering various daylight savings time etc. that time is 2200 UTC


The game is set in the World of Darkness version of Vegas, with an Autarkis Prince named Erik of Tribe Omaha. He is a Gangrel, and a former Camarilla member who seems disillusioned with Sect politics. He is a former Jannisary member, which is some odd semi-secret society in the Camarilla not many people know about, and was some front-line warrior against the Sabbat for years.


His rules are pretty simple. Everyone follows the Masquerade, or else. This also extends to mean not doing stupid things to attract the attention of hunters or other supernaturals by say, killing random people. In fact, the Prince outright forbids anyone killing anyone in his town without his permission. He believes most problems can be solved without killing. Have a problem with a Hunter? Wipe their memories, fill them with disinformation and send them back to their families. But if you kill one, you'll get three new ones on your tail.


Character creation follows standard rules except you get 50 freebies instead of 15.


A Good Guide for Character Creation Character Sheet


When creating a character, in addition to the character sheet, I really want to know what your motivations and goals are. Really think when choosing your Nature and Demeanor. The only two clans/bloodlines I outright forbid are Baali and True Brujah. Anything else depends on how good the concept is, and whether or not the story/game would be better with said concept in it. Also, no starting higher than 9th Gen.



GhostofAnakin: Demetrius Gaust, a Malkavian Investigator.

213374U: Angelo Giovanni, businessman

Kaftan: Valerie Chung, Anarch/Rebel

Eldar: Daniel Black, Ventrue Scholar

Archmonarch: Aleksandr Torne, A technologically savvy, highly educated Tremere.

Baley: Desmond Bailey, Toreador Entertainer

thepixiesrock: David Vincent - Drifter/Private Investigator

Musopticon: Jacob Donahue, Gangrel Fledgling

jaguars4ever: Rinsaku Mitsui, Shadowy type from Japan

Servent of Eru: Father John Cruz, Penitent Priest


Main Rulebook Guide to the Anarchs Guide to the Camarilla


The following are good links for info on the World of Darkness:




IRC Guidelines:

-Use the "/me" command when taking an action you want everyone to notice but use some sort of marker such when it is an action that requires the GM's attention. Example:


*Valerie lights another cigarette

*Valerie attempts to grip the man by his collar and throw him against the wall (ACT)


-Always use " quote markers when you character says something. To make it easier to see what you are actually saying.


<Player> "Really? I just bought it at Marks&Spencers." What does the desk clerk look like?


-When adressing a certain player, start your post with his name.


<Player> Angelo: I take of my wrist watch to show you the engraving "Does this mean anything to you?"


Exp costs:

New Ability 3

New Discipline 10

New Thaum or Necro Path 7

Attribute 4 x Current Rating

Ability 2 x Current Rating

Clan Discipline 5 x Current Rating

Other Discipline 7 x Current Rating

Virtue 2 x Current Rating (with approval)

Humanity or Virtue Path 2 x Current Rating


Character gallery: (portraits recieved thus far, Kaftan will edit for size later)




Angelo Giovanni businessman





Desmond Bailey Toreador Entertainer





Jacob Donahue Gangrel Fledgling





Valerie Chung Anarch/Rebel





David Vincent Drifter/Private Investigator





Aleksander Thorne A technologically savvy, highly educated Tremere.





Father John Cruz Priest of Chapel Bethesda.





Daniel Black Ventrue Scholar_

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