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Circle detection algortihm


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Improved General Circle Detection Algorithm

Tomasz Macura

This paper considers the problem of detecting circles in binary images on parallel computers. The author presents improvements to the General Circle Detection Algorithm (GCDA) that was invented by A. Kavaianpour, S. Shoari, and N. Bagherzadeh. The GCDA is based on a transformation that converts circles in an image to families of straight lines. This reduces the problem of circle detection to that of line detection which may be solved by any line detection algorithm. Theoretical analysis of the performance of the Improved General Circle Detection Algorithm (IGCDA) suggests that speedup will be linear. The author's implementation of the IGCDA on a Beowulf cluster of generic personal computers achieved the predicted speedup.

Faculty mentor: Matthias K. Gobbert



Not sure how efficient algorithms you are looking for :thumbsup:


Edit: If you are looking for something in pdf format:



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