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A couple of random Q's


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I did actually keep mira as her starting level so i could have her as a jedi from low levels, but i gve up when i got the bug.


I managed to stealth my way through all of the jek jek tarr underground whilst raiding all (bar 3-4) of the item holders. Also Hanharr didnt attack me once, he just stood there.. odd.


Oh yes, and after doing more of the game i now have about 4 short lightsabers, 3 double bladed ones, and like 2 normal sabers. I think i'll go back to the USM mod after this. Its also been the first time where i've had many more robes than i need, which is nice.


The game seems to have un-bugged itself aside from the alignment.

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8: I'm also annoyed theres no prestige level for grey jedis.


O.K., I looked into it. I use the same example- Sentinel/Watchman. I changed the character's alignment with cheat codes. And here is the result- with the maximum amount of darkside points the Exile gained +6Dex( +3Dex for being a Sentinel and +3Dex for Sith Assassin). So, a LS Assassin should gain +6Con- +3 for Sentinel and +3 for Watchman). The same should happen with all the other prestige classes. For mixed classes the result should be the same. A LIGHT Guardian/Sith Lord should get the +3 Str and +3 Wis as a Jedi Master


Well, K2 does not actually have any classes for grey jedi. The thing is this, if you stay at neutral alignment, you won't be able to obtain either LS or DS mastery bonuses. And another thing, according to what Bulgarian Jedi discovered as shown above. Just to take an example: A Jedi Master with LS mastery would get +3 Wisdom bonus, however, a Sith Lord with LS mastery would also get the +3 Wisdom bonus. Similarly, a DS Jedi Master will get the 40-50 force point bonus as will a DS Sith Lord. So bonuses are alignment-dependent.


I usually move my alignment to LS and go for Jedi Prestige classes. The one that I have used previously is Consular/Weaponmaster.

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