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Need help on Goto's Yacht, Nar Shaddaa

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I am on Goto's yacht as the title states but I am having problems figuring out what I am doing wrong. I have rescued the main character and have gotten those codes or what ever in the same room as the main character needed to shut down the power (I think that is what they are used for) I am now on the bridge of Goto's Yacht and at the two panels yet I do not see any option on either to use the codes that I found in the room with the main character. According to a walkthrough I found, I am supposed to take those codes and use them on the bridge. Is there something else you have to do that I have missed?


Any help will be appreciated.

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1. In the room where the Exile was hold hostage there is a console... Use it

2. Go to the bridge

3. Upload the program downloaded in #1

4. Do some power switches (from power 1 to 2)

5. Shutdown the power (using "Shutdown", you can get that one if you haven't already from the droid near the entrance of the ship)

6. Kill kill kill

7. Fly away...

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Yeah they can come in REALLY handy

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