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Onderon second mission

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Ok I have almost completed Onderon/Dxun, but when I go back on the ship Atton is supposed to tell me something about a messege, right? But since it's my second mission Vias came and Atton never told me about the messege! Is this just a major glitch, or do I have to do something?

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Usually what happens is that you have to do another planet's main story before Atton or who ever calls you telling you of the overthrow attempt. so theres nothing wrong... the trigger hasn't happened yet :wub:

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Unless it is the final Jedi Master quest, then it should happen as soon as you get back on the Ebon Hawk.


Not quite. If it is the last Jedi Master quest, you have to wait a shorter time. This happens mainly because there is nothing left to do except the side quests. If it isn't the last Jedi Master quest, go to a different planet and complete that part of the story. It should trigger after a planet or so. (Depending on how long it takes you to finish one. With side quests and all.)

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