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nooo... that isn't what those things are called...


Anyway, I'm looking to get a tablet (is that right?) and while at the store today, I realized that there are a couple different ones in different sizes, and packaging. - though there seemed to be more differences in packaging than the size or anything else.


However, since the shelves are so bare because of everyone in the world going back to school, the tablets were situated in such a way, that they took over the signage for about 20 different products, so I have no idea how much they actually cost either.



... anyone work with these? what should I look for? (I'll be using it primarily with Adobe CS2 Photoshop and Illustrator).. and are any brand names better than others?

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I suggest you get a Wacom... Wacom is the leader in graphic tablets. I just bought an Intuos 3 lately..... and it's awesome! Can't now live without it anymore.


Here are just some examples I drew with Intuos 3 and Painter:




An Eye

Old Man

Atmosphere (Speedpainting)


It's pressure sensitive (supports 1024 pressure steps I think) as well as tilt. Oh and the customization possibilities in the driver menu are praisworthy too. It's a great tool, and if you already have experience in traditional art tools, you may want to marry it.

Anyway, get an Intuos 3 (A5 suffices for me, but if you have a 21' monitor, you might want to get an A4 format).


HTH. :thumbsup:

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