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DnD Online now Alpha testing

Darth Jebus

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Oddly enough, this is accompanied by the news that Turbine (the DDO developer) just cut off the game Asherons Call 2. I actually played AC2 for about 6 months, but it really lacked the magic of the original Asherons Call. They are shutting it down for good in December.

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Consdiering I'm a d&d geek, and I really want to try something out in the new Ebberon setting, I'm interested. But I really hate mmorps. I think the second part of my sentence shows my stance. >_<

Life is like a clam. Years of filtering crap then some bastard cracks you open and scrapes you into its damned mouth, end of story.

- Steven Erikson

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Wizards of the Sword Coast is also advising the project. Turbine has a ton of experience with these types of games, so I don't think it's lacking promise, but it does look like it will fall short. It's gotta compete with WoW if it goes MMORPG, and it's gotta compete with NWN if it goes for the DM and pen and paper type experience. It looks like it's aiming for a middle ground between the two, and that's pretty murky territory.


The trouble is, the game they seem to want to make needs heavy DM presence to be intriguing.

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