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All right guys & gals (but mostly guys I suppose), the new Premier League season has started (well, last week :thumbsup:" ), so set your team up and let's get this party started!


Once you register and set up your team join this league:


"Obsidian's EPL 05/06"


But without the quotes of course. :cool:


Oh, and you'll need the code to join the private league:



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Could you elaborate?


How do we play?


CM style?

You've played CM too?! :thumbsup:



Squad selection


A manager may enter one Fantasy Premier League squad, multiple squads will be deleted. Squads must consist of:


* 2 Goalkeepers

* 5 Defenders

* 5 Midfielders

* 3 Forwards


You can select up to 3 players from any one team. If a player is transferred during the season and this transfer takes you over this limit, then you will need to go back under the limit when making your next transfers.


Each player has been given a value. The total value of your initial squad must not exceed 100 million. The value of each player can be found here.



From your 15 player-squad you select 11 players to form your team each Gameweek. Only starting or automatically substituted players will earn points for your team. Your team can play in any formation providing one goalkeeper and at least three defenders and one forward are selected.


To change your formation simply select your chosen eleven players on the My Team page. The computer will automatically chose your formation based on the players you have selected.


Players can only play in their designated position. For example, you can't play a defender as an attacker.



You must nominate a member of your team to be captain. This player will score double the number of points he would usually have been awarded that Gameweek. You can change your captain at any time, though the change will not take affect until the next deadline.


If your captain does not play then the bonus will be lost. Another player will not take over the captaincy in his place.

Automatic substitutions


If your goalkeeper plays no part in the Gameweek, then the computer will substitute him for your replacement goalkeeper, if he played in the Gameweek.


If any of your outfield players play no part in the Gameweek, then the computer will try to substitute the inactive player for one of your replacements. This is done by replacing him with your highest priority substitute who actually played in the Gameweek and doesn't break the formation rules. You can change your substitution priorities on the My Team page.


Automatic substitutions are applied at the end of the Gameweek, when all matches have been played.



Fantasy Premier League is divided into Gameweeks. Any changes to your team (substitutions, transfers, captain changes, substitution priorities) must be made by the Gameweek deadline to take effect for that set of matches.






During the season, the fantasy football players will be allocated a point score after each game, based on their performances in the matches. Only official Barclays Premiership games are included.


The Points will be calculated using data provided to us by the Press Association. Neither we nor the Press Association will enter into any correspondence relating to the allocation of points to players. We accept no responsibility for the accuracy of this data.


Action Points

  • For playing in a game 1
  • For playing at least 60 minutes in a game (includes playing points mentioned above) 2
  • For each goal scored by your goalkeeper or defenders 6
  • For each goal scored by your midfielders 5
  • For each goal scored by your forwards 4
  • For each goal assist 3
  • For your goalkeeper / defender conceding 0 goals (must also play at least 60 minutes) 4
  • For your midfielder conceding 0 goals (must also play at least 60 minutes) 1
  • For every 3 shot saves made by your goalkeeper 1
  • For every penalty save 5
  • For every penalty miss -2
  • Bonus points based on Actim Index 1-3
  • For every 2 goals conceded by your goalkeeper or defenders -1
  • For every yellow card -1
  • For every red card (includes any yellow card points) -3



First Assists -

These are awarded to a team-mate making the last pass before a goal is scored. If an own goal is scored there is no assist.


If a goalkeeper does not have control of the ball and parries a shot or drops a cross or the ball rebounds off the woodwork, the attacking player shooting or crossing the ball receives the assist if a goal directly ensues.


In the event of a penalty, the player earning the penalty gets an assist if the it is successfully scored, but not if he takes it himself in which case no assist is given. No assist is given for a player who earns a free kick that subsequently results in a goal.


No assist is given to a player who simply touches the ball sideways from a free kick, or to the penalty taker when penalties are saved or come back off the woodwork before a goal is scored.

An assist is only given if the pass from the free kick enhances the opportunity to score.


Also, if during a pass to a team-mate that results in a goal, an opposing player significantly alters the speed or direction of the ball, then no assist is given.


Second Assists -

If an additional player makes a significant contribution before a goal is scored, then that player is awarded a second assist. This would involve having a major influence in the move either directly before or after the first assist.

Actim Index bonus


The top three players in each game according to the Actim Index will receive bonus points. Three bonus points will be awarded to the highest ranked player, two points to the second and a single point to the third. These points will be credited on a Tuesday for Weekend and Monday matches and on a Thursday for Tuesday and Wednesday matches.


Actim Index is the official player rating system of the Barclays Premiership. You can read more about the Actim Index here.



After selecting your squad you can still deal in the transfer market. Unlimited squad transfers can be made, 1 transfer can be made between each gameweek deadline without charge. Each additional transfer made in the same gameweek will deduct 4 points from your total at the next deadline. Free transfers are not carried over from week to week.


All transfers before the season starts are made at no cost.


Player prices vary during the season dependent on the popularity of the player in the transfer market. Player values will not change until the season starts.


If you sell a player for a higher price than you paid, then a sell-on fee of 50% (rounded up to the nearest 0.1 million) will be applied on the profits. For example, if you buy a player for 4.2 million and when you transfer him his value is 4.5 million then you will only receive 4.3 million.



Your team does not play matches against other teams. Instead, each team competes in a number of leagues. These are:


* The overall league involving all registered teams

* A league for fellow managers from your country

* A league for supporters of your favourite Barclays Premiership team (optional)

* Private leagues with your friends and colleagues (optional)

* Public leagues with other Fantasy Premier League players (optional)


Each team can be in up to 5 private leagues and 1 public league. Points are awarded after each game as explained above. In the event of a tie between teams in a league, the team who has made the least transfers will be positioned higher.



Each league is run on a monthly and season basis allowing managers to aim for a manager of the month title even when the overall championship is beyond them. Any transfer point deductions in the gameweek before a phase starts (e.g. Gameweek 7 for October) won't be deducted from the phase score. The phases are as follows:

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