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Dialogue files

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(and if this has been done so what, its been done again sue me!)


I have been wondering how can i play the dialogue files in K2 and where are they located in my game directory?


Also if they are already on a website somewhere or anything could someone direct me to them. But i'd really like to play any and all of the dialogue files, im just looking for ones that are said in-game aswell as cut content files.

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Well, the dialogue files are actually two very different things.


The first is the dialog.tlk file, which is just one big file with pretty much all text in the game. The easiest way to access it is to open Notepad (or whatever texteditor or word-processing program you prefer) and then indicate that you wish to open a file.


Now find the KotOR2 folder in your system, then set the program to list "all files". The dialog.tlk file will appear in your root KotOR2 folder, so open it and read through. Don't worry if it takes a while to react - it's a very large file.


WARNING: Don't change and save anything in that file, since it will affect the actual game. If I accidentially push a wrong key, I usually quit immediately and say "no" when asked whether I wish to save the changes.



Second are the actual sound files, which contains all speech in the game. Again open the KotOR2 folder on your harddrive and then open the StreamVoice folder. You'll find a large number of directories with numbers from 001 to 950 and a few others. All the soundfiles are in these directories.


They're in WAV-format, however, which Windows Media Player doesn't seem to like. Instead you can get Miles Sound Tools and play them with that - I find that to be easier.


You'll have to search through the various folders yourself - I fear there is little help as to which files are found where, but you can always ask around if others have found them. For example, in the \StreamVoice\907\904KREIA\ folder, you can find the cut content where the Exile's companions confront Darth Traya, who may be Kreia or Atris...

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