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The new mods

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Topic locked due to


1. Flaming

2. The fact that discussion is pointless.

The defense uses way too many "But's" and;

"Yeah, that is said ingame, but obviously it is twisted, becuase..."


"She used to be pretty"

"Yeah, but..."


"She was Jedi, Kreia Librarian"

"Yeah, but..."


"Kreia didn't fight in the war"

"Yeah, but..."


Try again if there is proof to state this theorie...


Since when has it been a reason to close a thread based on the supposed invalidity of one side's arguments? It is almost as if certain mods were using their powers to support their own personal opinions.




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I did find the second reason for closure kind of....subjective. If that were the case, every single thread on this forum should be closed.


I think reason #1 should have been listed and that's all.

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I think reason #1 would have only warranted the deletion of the offending posts.


"Dude, you flamed and you got a thread locked. Get over it."


Dude, I totally took it into consideration that it might be locked. But locked for reason #2? That's just bad moderation.


"Well, since the total abscense of defense, it turned into a flame war at page 3..."


Funny that the "flame war" ended one or two posts before the lockdown. Funny.


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All moderators use their discretion. Folks are usually chosen as moderators because of their discretion.


Sometimes, our discretion isn't very discrete. I understand frustration with some decisions. I've made some myself and thought better of them later. Still, threads of this nature don't tend to do very well. I'd honestly suggest PMing the moderator in question. I think all of the moderators here are willing to engage in candid discussion regarding decisions.


If you still feel as if you simply cannot discuss the issue with the moderator in question, then feel free to discuss the issue with Hydrogen or Fionavar. Technically speaking, Fionavar is in charge of the moderator team. He is a man of imminent reason, and so I expect that he would give you a fair hearing.


We moderators put our decisions in our own forum for discussion, so don't think that we turn our backs on trying to do the best we can by this board.


Please try the steps I've outlined above. I'm locking this thread simply because it's always been the custom to deal with these issues in private on every board for which I've been a moderator. Don't take it to mean that I'm not willing to talk to you through PMs.

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