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Problem with doors!!!

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On Telos it happens all the time. First it didn't had any effect on the game. When I was arrested and then taken to my appartment, the captain said he would leave us and let 2 guards stand outside. But before they could go, the doors closed. So they stood there in my appartment 'till I went out myself.


The second time it was where I broke in into the Exchange and I had to fight Benok. Lopak Slussk was trying to flee, but the door was already closed. After I defeated Benok and all the rest, I opened the door and Slussk disappeared. I went to the Gamorrean, and he opened the door for me. I heard Slussk speaking, but before I gained control of my Character, the doors already closed. What do I have to do now? :wub:

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It worked :wub:


But guess what? Now I've got another problem...


Not a big one, its just, I quit my game and then restarted it. But it isn't in fullscreen?



Edit: Oh, it wasn't a big problem. just had to double-click on the window. Was a bit too hasty to post.

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