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Blank screen problem

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I needed a break from TSL so i decided to play K1 one more time :p Yes this is a K2 forum, but i thought you guys could help me out with this problem...


Ive created my character and played my way to the place where Trask sacrifises himself and i have to go to the next room to meet Carth ( >_< ). But when i open the door and enter the new area, the game doesnt start to load. It just goes blank and there`s music on the background...i can even see my ingame-mouse pointer.


Search button has been used a lot before posting this, so please dont refer me there. Couldnt find anything useful. Disabling movies doesnt help. I had(and fixed) this problem when i first bought KOTOR, but i cant remember how i did it :huh:

I also downloaded the latest cataclyst 5.7 and i cant re-install, because i misplaced my K1 cd`s.

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This happend to me a couple of times, I just useally saved a lot, I mean...like every load point. And then when that happend I re-booted my computer and just started to play again...worse comes to worse, if you really wanna play KOTOR 1 you can buy it for the computer for like 20 bucks. Same with X-Box.

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but when this freezing happens, it is the first "load scene" of the game. the only loading it does before this is when i start a new game. So saving doesnt help. Besides i have 2 save slots right before i enter the new area, and i have tried everything! Im sure there

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