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2 questions about Bao-Dur

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1. When Bao appears to Remote at Malachor V, he says that something about undoing the destruction that MSG did. After starting up those 4 ships he appears again and says that Remote must ensure that MSG fires up one last time to destroy everything. I dont remember exatly what he said, despite having played K2 through many times....

I just got confused ,because at first he says he wants to undo the damage "MSG did, the damage he did." But then he wants to use MSG to destroy the planet. Maybe i didnt follow the conversation very closely. Could someone explain why he`s saying these two things that are not quite..um how do i say it??....in consensus (pardon my spelling)


2. Stealth ability---when i use it, my PC gets that white "energy-cloud" around him. But one time i used it, Exile went totally stealth, so that i could see through him. Is this because of game settings (better graphics settings?), or are there diffrent kind of belts. Im not using the best settings...because of my crappy computer.

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1. In the Mandalorian Wars Bao-Dur activated the Massive Shadow Generator to wipe away loads of ships... Mandalorian AND republic, and left the planet in it's current sorry state. Blowing up the planet will do away with this reminder to the Wars... (or something like that, ask some more people...)


2. Yes. The first thing (surrounded with blue lines) will happen if you turn OFF "Frame Buffer Efects". If turned on, he will turn quasi-invisible (but you will be able to see his outlines as a reflection...) and all behind him will look "different"

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