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Ok I'm an idiot


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I got a new monitor, so I didn't have much variety in my refresh rates while under linux.


So I ran through a config to open up some more resolutions and whatnot, and it seems as though I am stupid and I accidentally put the default horizontal sync above the specs of my monitor.



So basically, I need to know how to load up a safe mode (in Fedore Core 4) console so I can log in with 'root' and rerun that config file.



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I'm not sure if I am. The only delay I can see in my boot is when GRUB loads up and lets me choose which OS to boot into.



I did try mass spamming ctrl-x and ctrl-c during the boot-up, and was able to log in as root. But For some reason I was in a read only mode so I couldn't change my config :p

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