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Building a lightsaber

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I was wondering how does one build it's own lightsaber in KOTOR2? :blink:


-> where and when does one gets the needed parts?


-> where do we get a crystal for each color?


-> what are the skills / the characters in the party needed ?


-> what paths should one chose to follow in the game to build its own lightsaber as soon as possible?


All I remember is that you get a lightsaber fixture when ending ithorians quest on Telos.


Thanks for your answers!

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You will get the pieces for your first saber no matter what, ppl say Nar shadaa is the quickest. After that its pretty much random.


The only requirement to use a saber is to be a jedi.


I would point out that you should just play the game and find out for yourself but it is pretty boring withut a lightsaber and it takes ages to get one.

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Some decent info in this thread. It's about locations where lightsabers can be found, but you will find lightsaber parts at these locations instead, until you have built your first saber.

"We were hoping we could bring the Xbox platform into December but didn't want to make the formal announcement until we knew an earlier ship date would not compromise the quality of The Sith Lords," says Producer Mike Gallo.
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