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Hello everyone!


I have decided to buy a mp3 player for my birthday but I can't decide which one is better. I need such an item for 2 uses: listen to music and store files. So, I am looking for a player that has between 4-6 GB of memory. Since, I don't find the ipod very easy to use, I have looked for other brands and Creative Lab's products have caught my attention.


I now hesitate between the Creative Jukebox Zen Micro 5Gb and the Creative MuvO2 FM 5Gb. They are both nice products but I can't make a choice. Some people have told me that the zen micro's battery has flaws and doesn't work as it should.


I don't know if any of you guys know about such things, but I would appreciate any suggestion or advice.



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Ive got a Creative ZenTouch 20gb and while the 20h battery life is a complete hoax(its more like 8 in reality) its a good no-frills player. The sound quality is excellent and it does store files too. However, it needs special drivers installed to dock with a PC, its not plug-n-play.

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