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Do you like randomness?

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of course, the same goes for rerolling stats to create an uber character... which i do :)

Yeah, I think we might be in danger of playing rules over enjoyment. Sure I don't like to play a game where I don't have to try, where any tactics will do, where I can walk into a new room without heed to the enemy and positions etc and just blindly attack any of them in any order ...


Much better to get your bottom beaten by, for example, that fight in HotU against the Monk and his party (the one who used to be one of your party NPCs) ... then you learn tactics and who to attack first and what spells are good in what order and what are rubbish, etc.


If I want to play a gimped character, I can. If I want to play a munchkin, I can. Randomised character ability scores is just a cheap tactic to try to balance the game: just have a better balanced game! :)"




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