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boyfriend and girlfriend tag-team in KOTOR 3

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Here's an idea to stop the arguments on whether the main character in KOTOR 3 should be a guy or a chick. How about you creating and controling more than one main characters? Say make a male and a female character which you can name. And they can always fight along-side each other and comfort each other in dialogues (you choose what both of them say to each other) and then maybe have them hit the hay a few times in the Ebon Hawk after a particularly daunting battle? Just don't show all of it to keep a T rating, of course. And if one of your other party members try to take your chick away from you, you can beat him up as part of the romance option?


And not to leave homosexuals out of the loop, you can create two males or two females? And at the end of the game you can have one of them be light side and the other be dark side and they have to fight each other? Or you can create a third character and make it a threesome? Thoughts?

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