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character gone after finishing game

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Is this correct that once you finish the game - you can no longer access that character or saved games for that character?


I played through and completed the game on the LS.


I started playing through on the DS, but I just cant do it, I keep being nice so I am hovering around in dark-neutral area.


So I decided to start again. I started three different characters but decided after playing them for a few hours I didnt like them.


So then I thought - really what do I want to do, and I decided really I wanted to try out a different prestige class and see how it played.


So I decided to go back to my first character, load a saved game from before I chose a prestige class and play from there.


Except when I swap characters nowhere does my character that completed the game show up.


Help !!

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That's odd. Maybe you went over the limit for characters'. I can still play MY first jedi to finish, in any case. And for that matter, my second as well.


You didn't use the same name for any of them, did you? Maybe you overwrote your character.


You swap characters on the load game screen, correct? And you see your other characters, just no original character, correct?

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Yes from the load screen I can change to 4 different profiles / characters inc;uding one of my sons but I cant find the one where I completed the game.


This is on the PC version.


And I cant see how I could have overwritten it (unless it happens automatically) as starting a new game creates a new character / profile.


Myabe I am just going nuts :wub: I was really tired last night so I will check again tonight.

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I just can't see any save's from the game's ive beaten. I know they are in the file' but not on the screen

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