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Opening Inaccesible Area

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Has anybody ever managed to enter Apartment B1 on Telos Citadel Station? I think I may get to enter it. Right now, I'm in the middle of controlling B4-D4. Before going to Czerka HQ to access the mainframe, I visited Odo Chano and blackmailed him for 20 credits. On the way out, I noticed that B4-D4 get an option to bash open B1. He has to do it with his bare hands. After ten minutes of continuous bashing, B4-D4 managed to reduce the door's "health" by two!!! I'm going to let it run and see what happens.

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Inaccessible areas on the Citadel Station are opened as part of the various quests.


You find Batono is room C1 (IIRC), but only after the Ithorians/Czerka give you the key later on. The other apartment is used for a meet with some gun-runners if you are on the DS path.

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