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Selling beauty to gamers?

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Movies have been around for a century, and they have affected our own self identies of sexuality.  The same can be said for magazines, tv shows, and comic books.  Video games merely follow the same trends.

There is a more important factor you are glossing over to the peril of adult discussion of this topic:

flims reflect the societies more than they affect them.


If you don't believe me, watch a film from the fifties, or even the eighties. What does it tell you about the era? Look at the differences with today. Not just the fashion (wow, look at those shoulderpads -- powerdressing?), but the way women are portrayed, the norms of sex and violence and manners.


One curious trend -- if you haven't noticed already -- is that there are better roles for women in the fifties than right now. After the sexual revolution of the sixties there are fewer strong roles for women older than thirty than there have ever been. Katherine Hepburn and Bette Davis wouldn't have a film to star in during this last decade. As Woopi Goldberg said at the 1996 Oscars, all the female leads were prostitutes (Sharon Stone in Casino, Elizabeth Shue in Leaving Las Vegas).


At least video games have strong female lead characters.




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